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The Policy of Mossak & Associates

This office exists to render our clients investigative services of the highest possible quality. In order to maintain that standard, we do not accept an assignment unless we have the available time and qualified associates to perform the work. In all matters, and at all times, our office will adhere to the highest ethical, legal and professional standards.

In order to keep our clients fully appraised, we notify them of all significant developments in a timely fashion. This also helps to keep our client's expenses at their lowest, as our clients will have additional information as the case unfolds. We also return all telephone calls promptly.

At the conclusion of our investigation, we render an itemized statement of account and a comprehensive written report. We also offer photography to assist in completing the story, when requested.

An initial consultation with our client also assists in the case facts and mutual understanding of the chain of prior and future events. There is no charge for the initial consultation for your case.

Should you visit our offices, you will find a pleasant, uncluttered, well kept office. We feel that such an environment contributes to our ability to efficiently handle your important investigative assignments. Our conference facilities are available for consultations with our larger clients and corporate affiliates. In many instances, it will be convenient to meet you at a public site of the client's choice.

The people who work in our firm function as a team. We respect, encourage and complement one another. We enjoy working together and take pride in our work product. We take pride in each individual case, person and customized needs, and shape your investigation around YOU.

Our experience, motivation and reputation are our strengths. We do not endeavor to offer the least expensive investigative services available. Rather, we consistently strive for excellence, and we offer top investigators in the field of your individual and corporate needs.

Our local network of investigators and attorneys serve our clients in-state Minnesota and out-state Minnesota. Our national network of investigators and attorneys allows us to serve our clients on a nationwide basis. Our Detective Referral Service will always make sure you get a licensed and bonded investigator to meet your particular needs - no matter where you are located or need case assistance. Our referral service helps to protect the integrity of your case. Private Detective Referral Service: 1-866-495-5000

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